Memorial day sale on reloading Powder

Monday 10am to 2pm

Winchester 231 Reg. $31 Sale. $28


Winchester AA Super-Handicap Reg.$29  Sale.$24

Winchester-AATrail Boss Reg. $24 Sale $21


This Memorial Days we will be open 10am to 2pm.
Noreen Lowers will be on sale for $75.
This is a great deal don’t miss out.

And for those of you looking to buy a new Pistol the SCPD Pistol Bureau will be open.

Ruger Redhawk 8 shot

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Now in stock

Ruger Redhawk


8 shot.

2.75 barrel

Wood grips

ruger 8


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YAVEX 9MM 50rds

IMG_3229Reg: $13.50 Sale: $12.00


GGG 308 Match 162gr & 178gr HPBT

IMG_3228Reg: $26.00 Sale: $25.00


GGG 5.56 62gr 50rds

IMG_3230Reg: $25.00 Sale: $23.00



GGG 5.56  62gr. Bulk 1000rds with ammo can


Now in Stock Stag Arms Model STAG-10 Lower & Upper combo. These are complet lower/upper not including the bolt carrier.IMG_3216


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Now in Stock the NEW H&K VP9 SK


Executive Armor System

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Phalanx Executive Armor System
This Armor system is Ideal for day to day life.For you or your love ones,Keep it in your desk of locker at school or work, in the car or even travel with.It is tested againts 44 magnum.
Easy to carry and simple to use.